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If your husband or partner strikes, threatens, humiliates you, limits your freedom, if fear and force make your life and your children’s life unbearable, then you and your children have the right, according to Article 175 of the Swiss Civil Code, to seek refuge. You can also claim assistance if you are a young woman threatened with forced marriage.


You can find temporary accommodation and consultation in the women’s shelter. You live together with other women and children who have experienced something similar. You can stay as long as necessary until you have found a solution for you and your children.

What does the assistance consist of?

The employees at the women’s shelter assist you in developing new pro­spects and planning your next steps. If necessary, we can arrange contacts to woman barristers, female doctors, social services departments, victim support centres, etc. We are bound to maintain confidentiality. The address of the women’s shelter is kept secret.

What does it cost?

The stay in the women’s shelter is not free. However, a lack of money is not an obstacle. If necessary, we can arrange for the assumption of costs by the relevant authorities.


If you decide to come to women’s shelter, then you should bring the following items with you when possible: personal documents, money, clothes, your child’s favourite toy.

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